Consultations, Microchipping and Vaccinations

You and your pet will receive a standard consultation time of 20 minutes (the industry standard is 15 minutes). This time allocation means that your pet receives a thorough health check and there is time to answer any questions you may have. We stock the highest quality vaccines to safely prevent common and potentially deadly diseases in your pet. Microchipping is done by AVA accredited Veterinarians.

Surgery and Anaesthesia

The Veterinarians on the team are highly trained to perform all the general surgery such as desexings, lump removals, stitch-ups, removal of intestinal foreign bodies and even bladder stones, to name a few. There are no Veterinarians with less than ten years of surgical experience, so you can have complete peace of mind that your pet will receive the highest standards of surgical care and expertise.

The anaesthetic your pet will receive is the safest on the Veterinary market – it is a human-grade anaesthetic. Again, giving you peace of mind that your pet is receiving the Gold Standard in Veterinary Care.

In House Pathology

There is a well-equipped laboratory on the premises which enables a vast array of blood and urine tests to be performed on your pet, so you can relax, knowing a diagnosis will be reached faster, facilitating your pets’ treatment and recovery. It also means blood testing prior to anaesthesia as well as ‘annual wellness’, and ‘senior’ profiles can be performed quickly and accurately.

General Radiology and Dental Radiology

Our hospital is equipped with high-quality imaging equipment, including digital radiology and ultrasound. This allows our veterinarians to use non-invasive means to gather important information about the deeper tissues and structures of the body, including the heart, chest, abdominal organs and reproductive tract and facilitates prompt and accurate diagnosis and treatment for your pet.


The dental facilities at Veterinary Happiness are ‘state of the art’, meaning that even the worst cases of dental disease can be effectively treated.  Most pets require attention to their teeth during their life.  Plaque, tartar and gum disease are common and cause foul-smelling breath, pain and the potential for abscesses in the mouth and infection elsewhere in the body.  We advise on preventative dental care from the puppy and kitten stage upward, with the goal of keeping your pets’ teeth and gums healthy.

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Dogs are hospitalised in a secure ward, in a temperature-controlled environment on comfortable bedding. Calming, stress-reducing pheromones are diffused in the ward to help make your pets stay with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Cats have their own ward, away from dogs with stress-relieving pheromones diffused into the atmosphere constantly. They too have soft fluffy beds and warming pads to make recovery from procedures as comfortable as possible.

Care and Anaesthesia of your Senior Pet

Pets in their Senior years need special loving care and attention.  At Veterinary happiness we have a special interest in the care of your elderly pets and we work together to maintain them in good health, by picking up any health conditions early and keeping them as happy and comfortable as possible.

For other ancillary services such as Puppy PreschoolWeight Loss Clinic and information on how we are ‘Cat Friendly’ please see the other pages of the Services tab.

Please feel free to bring in anything your pet may like such as a favourite toy or blanket while in hospital under our care, again to make their stay as pleasant as possible.