Puppy Preschool

Puppy preschool is extremely important in the healthy social development of our dogs and helps us to start on the right track as new puppy parents.

Our puppy preschool classes aim to educate puppies through some basic training and obedience skills, but also owners on the importance of recognizing, solving and preventing some simple behaviour problems. We believe in Positive Reinforcement Training as the best method for achieving the most desirable behaviours from our puppies. The classes are an opportunity to ask questions about general puppy care, grooming, toilet training and preventative health care. It is also a great time for all-important puppy socialisation, to help our puppies develop normal dog-on-dog interactive skills.

Puppy Preschool is designed to:

  • promote socialization in a safe environment
  • set puppy up with a basic foundation in learning and training and
  • prevent future problems

For further information or to book your puppy’s place in an upcoming class at Veterinary Happiness, contact Craig A. Murray Dog School on Ph: (07) 3200 5421 or visit their website.

They run a Puppy School at the clinic on Saturday afternoons and they also run dog ‘manners’ classes, which we highly recommend.