Cat Friendly

All cat owners are aware of the fact that their cat often finds a visit to the Veterianry Clinic a wee bit stressful at times. At Veterinary Happiness we are fully aware of this fact too and so a number of steps are taken to reduce the anxiety of cats (and hence their owners) on each and every visit.

Firstly we recommend that you bring your feline friend in a cat carrier and have a small blanket to place over the carrier, to block vision in and out of the cage, as cats feel much safer in a secure hiding place.

The clinic environment has a ‘Feliway diffuser’ permanently on, that releases feline anti-anxiety pheromones into the atmosphere, to help keep kitty calm.

What to expect for you and your cat when you arrive:

  1. You will be greeted by our friendly receptionist and ‘check-in’ will be speedy. She will be expecting you.
  2. You and your cat will be taken straight into a consult room, away from reception, so that your cat does not encounter a dog.
  3. The veterinarian will either be in that consult room, or join you shortly afterwards.
  4. The veterinarian will be sprayed with cat pheromones also, to reduce your cats anxiety.
  5. At the end of the consultation if there any dogs in reception then your cat will stay in the consult room in their covered cage, while you go to reception.
  6. Your cat is then collected from the consult room and taken out of the clinic, with no waits at reception.
  7. If your cat is admitted to hospital, there is a dedicated cat ward and each cat is provided with an igloo cat bed, which means they can hide away and feel safe and secure. The reduced lighting levels also help promote rest and calm worried cats.

We look forward to meeting you and your cat.

Please see the Feline Advisory Bureau website for all sorts of information on our feline friends.