Desexing is a routine procedure in our veterinary practice, but we always keep in mind that although we do this procedure every day, it is a once in a lifetime experience for your pet. Our veterinarians will consult with you to determine the most appropriate time to desex your pet based on consideration of their breed, gender, overall health and the latest relevant scientific evidence.

The procedure is conducted by an experienced veterinary surgeon under a full general anaesthetic using strict hygiene controls and in a fully equipped sterile operating theatre. Your pet’s anaesthetic will be monitored by a highly trained and qualified veterinary nurse, and they will receive a pain relief protocol specific to their needs, ensuring they are comfortable at all times.  We take the utmost care to reduce your pet’s stress from the time they are admitted into our care until they are discharged into your arms.

Upon booking in your pet’s procedure, you will receive a comprehensive pre-surgical information package.