When we look at your pets teeth, we are checking for any signs of disease  or problems such as broken teeth, infected or red gums, tartar (the yellow or brown material), smelly breath, fur trapped around teeth and lumps in the mouth.

We want to see a healthy mouth but experience has shown us that a significant number of our patients have dental disease.

The problem is that pets will still eat despite being in discomfort!!

So many problems can go unnoticed until they become severe.  By then it is too late to save the teeth.

At every consultation with the veterinarian, they will examine your pets’ teeth.  They examine the teeth at the front but also the teeth at the back.  We have seen many beautiful clean teeth at the front but affected teeth at the back of the mouth and vice versa.

If your pet has any tartar on their teeth or red gums, it is referred to as dental disease.

We want your pets to have a healthy, pain & discomfort free mouth for their whole life.

As pets can’t brush their own teeth, we encourage you to keep their teeth clean via special diets, brushing, dental treats and with regular scale & polishes at the Veterinary Happiness Clinic.

We offers free dental checks with our nursing team.  Please book a free check where we can assess your pets’ teeth and also give you information on how to prevent dental disease and what products we have found effective.  We also have a detailed e-book we can email that explains in detail about healthy teeth, dental care and dental disease for you to show to your family.