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Spring usually is flea season.  The warmer weather combined with increased humidity leads to a population explosion.  However, as we are coming to the end of summer, your pets still can get fleas and so can your house. Fleas are designed to jump great distances which is how they [...]

Important Information about Vaccinations for Cats

What do we vaccinate cats against? At Veterinary Happiness, we recommend and use a standard F3 vaccination.  This gives your cat protection against: Feline Rhinotracheitis – a highly contagious airborne virus that causes sneezing, coughing, and nasal discharge.  Infected cats often become ‘chronic snufflers’ and need management throughout their lives. [...]

Do You Know the Signs of Arthritis in Your Pet?

Osteoarthritis is a common, painful, chronic disease of both dogs and cats.  It is most often seen in elderly animals although younger animals who have had previous injuries or have been particularly active can suffer at a younger age.  Sometimes the signs of arthritis are very obvious… It’s not [...]

When is a Pet Classified as Senior and what are their Health Care Needs?

Cats and dogs age SEVEN times faster that we do. So, when your pet turns 7 years old in ‘animal years’ that’s nudging 50!  An important milestone indeed. The 7 year milestone is the time when we Vets ask you to bring in your pets for us to make [...]

Why Does My Pet Need a General Anaesthetic for a Dental Procedure?

To perform a thorough dental examination and assessment, your pet must be under general anaesthetic. Most pets are patient and very well behaved.  They will let us look in their mouth and at their back teeth.  Some pets aren’t so welcoming. To do a thorough dental assessment, we need [...]

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